[Photoshop] Drop shadow turns white not dark grey

I am trying to rasterize a drop shadow, which I created with the blending modes. When I do, it displays as white not dark grey. Here are my settings for the drop shadow: Blend Mode: Darken; Color: #8e8d8d; Opacity: 75%; Angle: -36; Use Global Light: checked; Distance: 5px; Spread: 2%; Size: 5px; Anti-aliased: checked and Layer Knocks Out Drop Shadow: unchecked. Could someone please tell me how I can rasterize a drop shadow, without it turning white?

Also is there a way to create two drop shadows on one image, without the drop shadow going in another direction?

Thanks in advance.

Am away from the computer right now, but I have struck similar problems with rasterising when the layer isn’t at 100% opacity. Try a solid colour and see if it solves the problem. Also check the layer mode. Most likely one of the settings is confusing the process as to how it should display and it is converting it incorrectly. There can be multiple sources of display information for how layers interact. This can screw the rasterising as it often ignores the other layers right at the rasterisation stage.