Photoshop CS5 Blending options help

Ive got the student version of adobe CS5 web premium, and Ive just been watching some tutorials on youtube for creating 3d tabbed buttons, but when the guy got to his screen for blending options, he had loads options to choose from on the right hand side of his panel, is this because Ive only got the student version (I believe it to be the full version as Ive been informed…) ?

See a screen shot for what my options are…

the video Ive just watched is : YouTube - ‪How to Make a Chrome and Glossy Button | Photoshop‬‏

What point of the video are your referring to? I’d say you have access to everything he does. You just need to know where to click.

Hi Ralph,

Refer to 1minute and 8 seconds for one example, when he pulls up his blend options.The options he has are far greater than my own.

Ive taken a screen shot of his to try and show you but because the video size is that small, the screen shot isnt particulary very clear, but you can kind of see the differences between his blend options and mine (with the screenshot in the past post).

Your screenshot looks the same as the full version as best as I can tell

He is clicking on the menu down the left side to bring up those options. Click on Bevel and Emboss on the left of that box and you will see what he sees. (On his screen, the Bevel and Emboss option is highlighted in green, which I presume is an option in the Ps preferences.)