Photoshop brushes

Hello guys i cant find this Brush in my Photoshop cs3!

any can help me!!

here’s the actual image of the brush I’m asking for…

here’s the link

Try to view it in my twitter account!

You mean you don’t see the panel displayed that way? Have tried to reset default brushes? (click on the arrow to the right of the diameter field and reset brushes).
A snapshot of what you see might be helpful!
Another point to remember is that not all the brushes are available by default in Photoshop.

if you want to upload new brushes out of Photoshop default brushes, then you need to select brush and make upload then you can bring that
to add to your PH,

You can find it directly in your photoshop toolbar just click the brush and scroll down.

IN Photoshop all brushes are disclosed in toolbar menu so you can find from toolbar. If you can’t find then may be your Photoshop version is not properly installed so try to re-install it.

Your version of photoshop might doesn’t have this brush. If you want to use this brush install the new components and this brush.

Well, you don`t have that brush just because it belongs to ILLUSTRATOR not photoshop :slight_smile: