Perl take a long time to create text files

I have a big issue. I want to create a plugin tool for i2b2 web client platform. The interface of this plugin is HTML file which calls a javascript function and that javascript function call a PHP file. The php file executes a Perl file that runs a command line application and returns the result to the php file. The execution of the Perl file takes seconds but the output of it takes 15 min “perl should creating some files”!

I print two statements to trace the php file. One statement before calling perl and one after it. Both statements are printed! This means that perl was executed! But the output of the perl ( creating some files) is produced after 15 min!

    echo "<p>Your job id is $jobid.</p>";
    echo "<p>Please wait here to watch the progress of your job.</p>";
//above echo are displayed
    pclose(popen("start /b perl \"$basicParam\" \"$advanceParam\"", "r"));
//above call the perl
    if(file_exists($filename)) //filename generated from the perl but it does not exist before 15 min
    echo "<p>Your result are:</p>"; //it does not displayed

In order to test these files outside the i2b2 platform, I create a new folder and put it in my web root directory. I place in it the HTML file, PHP file, and perl file. I run the html in my web browser and got the result in just half minute!

Why this behavior?


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