Using Perl in / asthe an html <form>'s action

I wrote a quick perl script that just takes in user input from a <input /> in a separate html document.
There is a .pl file that I know works fine, but I want to connect it to the html form in the html document.

Is ally I have to do set the form’s action attribute to where that perl file is located like I would with a php script that deals with html form data?
In other words, if both the script and the html file are in the same dir on my server then I have to set <form> to <form action=“” method=“get”>?

Thanks in Advance,
Team 1504!

Kind of. It depends on your web server settings. If you allow perl scripts to be run in any directory, then it will work after you chmod 0755 the .pl file given that you are parsing everything correctly. I would also suggest you post instead of get.

err wow that was from 2012… didn’t mean to bump such an old thread.

No worries, I now know how to do this.