Performance evaluation of a web designer

I have been asked to answer some questions before my performance evaluation. What kind of answers would my boss be looking for?


  1. Your accomplishments in the last 12 months.
  2. Your strong points in the last 12 months.
  3. Areas where you feel you need improvement.
  4. What you would like to do to become a better employee.
  5. Any other comments or feedback.

1.- is there anything that are you really proud of? were you able to design a particularly difficult requirement? or maybe you were successful to cope with a high amount of work and keep everyone satisfied?

2.- where do you think you excel? communication with customers or collegues? Flash? Photoshop? Organization and delivery of complicated projects? are you very creative?

3- Maybe you would like to have a course of time management to make sure that you are always on time with your work, if you have a problem with delivery dates, or you think that you need to improve personally and be able to communicate better, if there were misunderstanding in the past (with your colleagues and boxes), or your leadership skills, if you want to be a boss. That may require some Management or Executive courses. Or maybe you would like to know more about the printing world, if you already control the web design bit. Or you would like to be more than a designer, and code or learn programming.

4.- that depends on what problems you had in the past

5.- any other comment or idea

Basically, they are asking you how do you see yourself and what you think you do right. Most of the time, this is not how people sees you and what you think you do ok may not be what other thinks that you do ok. But it helps to prevent potential problems if everyone sees you as a bad communicator and you think you are the best communicator in the world.

After that, it is only to know what you think you should change in yourself (personally or in your work) and what you would like to be in the future.

The rule of gold is “live is lovely, things are great, but I think that with this and this, it will be even better”. Never say anything in a negative way. Specially, if they ask you about a collegue.