payU integration to a website(core php)

Hi, All
I want to integrate payu( ) integration,i have gone through their sdk package, i have created an account on payu sandbox ,
unlike paypal i m not able to configure it.

please help …

According to their website the documentation for their API is in their Files for Download section, which I cant access without making an account. And… i’m not making an account.

So, provide us the API information, or do what it says on their website:

“If you experience any difficulties with the integration process, please contact our technical support team by writing to e-mail address:”

i found a link relative to it .
i m going through —
link :-
thanks for reply.

K, so what code have you tried. based on their API document?

sorry to reply too late.
i had fever past week.
i got a openpayu package on git hub with sourcecode . its developed by payu developer team.