Best way to create an php api for a asp website

Hi there,

I have been asked by a client to create an api php class or a way for them to transmit data from a php page to a page writen in php not sure if this is possible,

i was thinking of using curl but that would be abit hard as i am wanting to pass some things eg credit card numbers and cvv and name of the credit card without storing the information some where,

can anyone help me if this is possible if so how should i go about it developing api? the site i am talking about is the payonner prepaid mastercard site and my client wants to open up a paypal to payonner fund transfer when u want to load your own prepaid credit card as this is not currently possible atm as they only accept loading of payonner cards via visa or mastercard credit cards,

So does anyone know where i can go to find out this information or give me a starting point to start at?


Your client should be working with Payoneer’s partner program, not trying to develop his own API to their website. This is not a project you should involve yourself in, there are all kinds of liability issues. If Payoneer wants to enable him to run that kind of business, which they never would since it breaks contracts on both sides of the payment scheme, they would be providing him an API, not the other way around.

ah okay ill look into that thanks