PayPal Subscription and cancel

I did a PayPal PayNow button a couple of years ago but don’t remember how I did all clever things with it, but it worked.
Now I want to make a Subscription button via PayPal for a website. I know I can make the button from PayPal and probably make the thing working (at least I hope I can). Since they updated everything on PayPal it’s really hard to find some examples how to do this nowadays.
But if a user want to cancel their subscription after a month or a year I guess I can put a cancel button on my page, but not sure how to make this. Any ideas are welcome.
What should be included when redirecting the user to cancel? I guess they need to login to PayPal and cancel from their page, which feels like bad service for a customer. Would’ve been nice to include whatever needed to make the cancel easy. Is that possible at all?

And what happens after they cancel. Will I get an e-mail from PayPal saying that a user cancelled and then I need to unsubscribe the user from my table?
Would be good to have some kind of function that will cancel their subscription automatically when they have cancelled via PayPal. Is that possible?

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