PayPal Sandbox & Payments Pro


i’m currently developing a site that uses PayPal direct payments. I have it set up to use a sandbox account.

Everything was working fine but now my ‘DoDirectPayment’ requests to PayPal are timing out. I’ve spent hours already on this and I can’t see a problem at my end. I know it was 100% working and I haven’t altered any of the code that handles the payment.

There’s nothing on the PayPal website that would suggest the service is down, but I have found some posts on the XCommerce forum that would suggest it is down. I know a little while ago the sandbox IPN went down for a month or so with no word from PayPal so it wouldn’t surprise me if this was an issue at their end.

The problem is I don’t know if that’s the case or not, and it’s no use to me in terms of finishing the site.

Has anyone else experienced problems with it, or does anyone know of any changes at PayPal’s end? I’m just looking for some clear answers so I can either rule it out or know what the problem is.

Thank you!