New site, PayPal sales have disappeared

Hi All,

We just launched a new site, which is a revamp of one of our older sites.

Everything appears to be running smoothly except we haven’t had a single Paypal transaction in the past 2 weeks. PayPal sales are normally about 1/2 of our sales, and we’ve had quite a few sales in this time.

I’ve tested our site over and over and I can’t identify any problems with PayPal- I’ve even made a transaction with my dad’s account.

Could anyone do me the ultra huge favour of trying to go through the processes of making a PayPal transaction on our site? Of course, you don’t have to complete the payment (but if you happen to, I will refund your payment of course).

Thanks you much!!

Paypal has a Sandbox testing environment. If you haven’t got a Sandbox account I would recommend setting one up to test your PayPal online payment process before going “live” with it.

You should definitely allow people to buy from you without creating an account. It’s a huge turn-off.

Payment options at checkout are hard to distinguish. Add pictures or something.

And finally, yes, your PayPal ain’t working.

Are you sure the site is using PP? It doesn’t seem to say so. I tried to make a purchase, and it required me to create a membership etc., but I’m rarely in the mood for that… Perhaps that’s why sales are low.

If the site is new, it will take a while before many people find it on the web, unless you have some means of advertising it.

yah. also try testing it yourself, make sure it is smooth

I just tried to purchase via PayPal on your site (just as a test), and got an error message on PayPal (attached). I then hit the back button on my browser until I was at the checkout page, chose PayPal and proceeded with the transaction. This time it went directly to the PayPal login page as it should. Keep in mind that I got the error on my first attempt, and had sucess on the second.

Hope this helps,