Paypal.How to add a simple text field so an affiliate / referrer code can be entered?

I’m tearing my hair out. I confess to not knowing a lot about paypal but I’ve been able to hack it in the past by googling what I want to do. I’ve spent hours on this.

There are only 4 products that are being sold. I just want to put a text field on the page where the products are sold where the buyer can enter an affiliate/referrer code. I’m not sure if this is “pass through” but the idea is that it would be connected with the paypal order so the seller can pay the appropriate amount to the person who made the referral.

I’d appreciate any help or direction to some help. Here is the page:



refer on0, on1, os0, os1 for individual items and custom for the entire payment. Assigning values to those fields in the origiinal form that they enter their purchase info into will result in the content being passed through Paypal.

Thanks felgall. I looked at that before but didn’t understand how to put it into context. What I ended up doing is creating an option box for each item where the code can be entered. It’s a little cumbersome for the customer but there are only 4 products and one person would probably only buy any 2 at one time.