PayPal Button in Drupal


I need to find a way to give a user friendly option to my client to be able to add PayPal buttons in their site but not by having to insert raw HTML code, they are very scared of that, please, any ideas are very welcome, thanks a lot!

I would recommend that you create a block with the HTML in it, but that seems so obvious a suggestion that I am half expecting you to tell me why this is not an option in this instance. There are modules available to give more options for the placement of blocks if you need the button to appear in different regions on different pages.

The ideal option that comes to mind for that would be using the commerce module to create a store. Once the commerce store is set-up the client would be able to create products and user-users would be able to pay for them through Paypal. The other option would be a custom field that can be added to an entity. It all depends on the amount flexibility required. Writing a module to supply a custom field to do this might be less work than putting together a commerce package. I’m not very familiar with the HTML Paypal button snippets but it seems like it could be done using a multiple value field.

Off the top of my head, I would create a “product” content type, add custom fields for the various bits of data required by the PayPal button form and then probably use Views to list out the products with a global text field where I would assemble the form for each product.

I haven’t tried that but it stands to reason that it should work.