PayPal dispute tips for electronic goods?

I sell intangible electronic products such as software and database via PayPal. The problem is this is very hard to protect against fraud / unauthorized payments, because there’s nothing I can do to protect myself - no third party shipment proof at all.

What would you usually do / provide when disputing such a case for a totally electronic sale? For example, without shipment proof from third parties, we are stuck with email communications - but most of the time, a fraud buyer would not respond to your emails, let alone contacting you in the first place.

Internal access logs wouldn’t count as third party thus not useful, not to mention PayPal doesn’t disclose the IP and computer signature of the buyer.

Any tips for a better chance of winning?

This is exactly why we stopped using PayPal for our merchant services. We still allow customers to checkout with PayPal Standard, but we push credit card through a traditional merchant account provider.

What sort of dollar amount are you talking about on these? If they are expensive software/services, get a signed invoice from the buyer with the paypay transaction information on it authorizing the charge.

When sending an email after a purchase is made, I usually have the email BCCed back to me to make sure it was sent properly. That probably doesn’t help after the fact, though.