Paypal cheater?

Today , I got email from paypal :

Security Center

At PayPal, we want to increase your security and comfort level with every transaction. From our Buyer and Seller Protection Policies to our Verification and Reputation systems, we’ll help to keep you safe.

We recently noticed an attempt to log in to your PayPal account from a foreign IP address and we have reason to belive that your account was used by a third party without your authorization.
If you recently accessed your account while traveling, the unusual log in attemptsmay have been initiated by you.Therefore, if you are the rightful account holder, click on the link below to log into your account and follow the instructions.>

If you choose to ignore our request, you leave us no choice but to temporarily suspend your account.
If you received this notice and you are not the authorized account holder, please be aware that it is in violation of PayPal policy to represent oneself as another PayPal user. Such action may also be in violation of local, national, and/or international law. PayPal is committed to assist law enforcement with any inquires related to attempts to misappropriate personal information with the intent to commit fraud or theft. Information will be provided at the request of law enforcement agencies to ensure that impersonators are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
Thank you for your patience as we work together to protect your account.
PayPal Account Review Department
PayPal, an eBay Company

 *Please do not respond to this e-mail as your reply will not be received.

The typos and obvious to a non-paypal website make it pretty easy to see it’s fake.

Pasted some of the text into google and look what came up :

Since the link does not go to, It is a fake and should be forwarded to

you must be real careful when you receive emails from “paypal” and “ebay” . There are a lot of ppl out there you use programs like email harvester to collect emails from sites…just to get our credit card information or your paypal or ebay account.

If you can tolerate a toolbar, the ebay toolbar has a feature which will tell you whether an ebay or paypal link is genuine or not.

Rule of thumb: If there is a link in the email, it’s fake. Type in or and log into your account and see whats up.

Some security tips from PayPal:

Protect Yourself from Fraudulent Emails

At PayPal, protecting your account’s security is our top priority. Recently, PayPal members have reported suspicious-looking emails and fake websites. These emails are not from PayPal and responding to them may put your account at risk. Please protect your PayPal account by paying close attention to the emails you receive and the websites you visit.

Please use the following tips to stay safe with PayPal:

[] Safe Log In: To log in to your PayPal account or access the PayPal website, open a new web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer or Netscape) and type in the following:
] Greeting: Emails from PayPal will address you by your first and last name or the business name associated with your PayPal account. Fraudulent emails often include the salutation “Dear PayPal User” or “Dear PayPal Member”.
[] Email Attachments: PayPal emails will never ask you to download an attachment or a software program. Attachments contained in fraudulent emails often contain viruses that may harm your computer or compromise your PayPal account.
] Request for Personal Information: If we require information from you, we will notify you in an email and request that you enter the information only after you have safely and securely logged in to your PayPal account.

Often, fraudulent emails will request details such as your full name, account password, credit card number, bank account, PIN number, Social Security Number, or mother’s maiden name.
[/list]If you think that you have received a fraudulent email (or fake website), please forward the email (or URL address) to and then delete the email from your mailbox. Never click any links or attachments in a suspicious email.

To learn more about protecting your PayPal account, please review our Security Tips.

I get about 10 of these emails a day… also 10 Ebay ones that are a scam too.

I got you beat by 20. Add to that about 50 of those “Hi, I’m the son of the former King of Zimbawai…” letters that somehow manages to get past my spam filter.


same here :slight_smile:

This rule of thumb should be followed for any finacial site. No finacial site (e.g. PayPal, eBay, or your bank) would send you a security alert via email. Never, ever click on a link that declares to be from such a vendor. Always rely on your own bookmarks or better yet, manually type in the URL in the address bar.

i get these fake emails all the time!