Password protect DEMO link

I’m running online premium themes selling site. I upload site on the link to show as DEMO.

I’m scared if some one download those files from my server.

Please answer:

  1. Is it possible to download each files or scripts from link by using some offline browsers softwares?

  2. how can i protect these files. Can I password protect the files and at the same display on DEMO link…?

It depends, do you want the files so no-one else can view them, if so then you can password protect the folder so only you (or people with access) can visit those pages. However if you want to prevent people downloading scripts (etc) from a publicly accessible website out of fear of them using them elsewhere… no such luck, that’s impossible. As soon as files reach the end users computer when visiting pages… they become vulnerable to usage. :slight_smile:

I’m afraid persons will be able to save whole source of your templates without any problems.

are they wordpress themes or something else?

I found you cannot get the full wordpress theme if you host demos just showing the design. Although you can download some of the files outside of the wp- folders.

No they won’t, they certainly won’t get any of the PHP scripts running within it (as their processed at the server-side). All they will get is the end-result HTML, CSS and JavaScript (which certainly isn’t the whole source or the entire template). :slight_smile:

Yes, PHP functions won’t be available, but I mean source of TEMPLATES. This one will be fully downloadable :slight_smile: