Pages not refeshing on local server


I use wamp and apache as my local server just to test my web pages on. Recently i have noticed that when i click f12 it doesnt alway refresh the page. I go to tools in firefox and clear the cache but this does not always work. In IE8 I go to internet options and delete temporary files and this again is hit and miss as to whether it works or not. very frustrating and time consuming.

If i put the pages up to the remote server it seems to refresh no problem. Is there something I should be doing here?:confused:

thanks for your help

Er, isn’t it F5 / CTRL+F5 (forced refresh) the key(s) you should be pressing? :stuck_out_tongue:

No just tried f5 - doesnt do anything at all. I have always used f12 and over the last three years it has always worked but now it seems to be very hit and miss and i have to manually refresh the page half the time:shifty:

F12 opens Firebug in FF and Developer Tools in IE8

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ok. This is the situation. when i press f12 on my keyboard I used to see the page refreshed. when i pressed ctl f12 I got IE8 refreshed. Lately it has not been refreshing properly and nine times out of ten i have to manually refresh on the browser.

I had never heard of “forced refresh” so i hve never used f5 befroe. In fact on my keyboard when I click f5 nothing happens.

“forced refresh” seems useful but how can i put this into my keyboard?:rolleyes:

And if f12 opens firebug etc, how do you see the page on your local server refreshed?

Ive just thought of something. when i say i click f12 it is when i am using dreamweaver 8.