Page slide over top feature

I am looking for some JavaScript code (jQuery or native) which will allow opening of a new page on top of the current one.

If you search for a well known person, e.g. “Barack Obama” in Google on an iPhone (and maybe other devices) you can click a button which brings another page over the top of the main page (or change your user agent to an iPhone on a desktop). This is the kind of thing I need.

I also need to be able to keep clicking pages (so if each page opened had further links) opening up more page as needed on top.

I want to be able to specify (a) a section on the main page (which is hidden until click a button and the content slides over) and (b) a URL on the same domain which slides over once a button is clicked.

I have seen Scott Robbin’s PageSlide and I don’t think it does all this, so I’m looking for an alternative.

I’m not looking for something like Fancybox, it must be a page slide over the top thing.

Ideally the additional content could also be loaded asynchronously in the background.

I am happy to pay for this, so if it’s not free that’s fine.

Does anybody know of a script?