Slide and stack sequential content

I’m look to create a kind on instruction manual where the user can slide through pages. Rather than using an image slider, which scroll’s through the images (or content), I want to stack the pages on top of each other.

  1. Click NEXT and Page 1 slides into view.
  2. Click NEXT again, and Page 2 slides out on top of Page 1
  3. Click PREV and page 2 slides back, out of view

I started a fiddle here, showing the slide of page 1. But I’ll need a way to count the pages, and for the NEXT and PREV links to know which pages to slide.

Any ideas I can try?

How about using a free slideshow system that seems to do everything that you need there?

They are much too complex for what I need.

Any further help is much appreciated.

I’m REALLY hoping someone can take a look at this fiddle and throw something at it. I don’t have the chops to continue, but I would love to learn some way to get a sliding, stacking page system working.

Please let me know if the fiddle doesn’t work!