Page effects

Hi Guys,

I’m a newbie web designer and would appreciate any help with this scroll page effect I think its css transitions but i do not know the code I should use. It work even when javascript is turned off.

Are you sure? With javascript turned off I get absolutely nothing but a blank page.

It is ironic that Creaktif claims

We are graphic designers, UX experts, 3D/motion designers, copywriters and developers.

when they obviously FAIL

Fail?? I think their work is awesone. Do you know a jquery plugin that makes a similar effect?

Its a fail in the respect that of you dont have javascript enabled then you get NOTHING!
It is only polite to at least put a message on saying that the entire site relies on Javascript so yes, fail from a UX point of view.

You may wish to have a look at the following file from their site.
it will give you leads and directions to follow.