JQuery fade animation problem


I have just added a jQuery fade plugin onto a page to automatically cycle through images in an unordered list without a click event.

It works well but when I preview the page with JS disabled all images become visible and it messes up the layout.

What I need is a method that works when JS is disabled. I have seen methods where the {display:none} CSS styles are applied then changed via JS but can’t figure this out.

If anyone can either recommend a decent plugin with provisions for JS disabled browsers or, if I supply the code, offer some additions to augment the existing code I would be really grateful.

Let me know if you want code excerpts etc.

Thanks in advance

Yeah, we’d need a link to give anything specific, but usually I do something like set a height on the slide container and then set it to overflow: auto or similar. That way, if JS is off, the user can at least scroll through the images within the box. You have to juggle margins and paddings around a bit.

Amazing!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!