Override rgba() function for IE

i have used rgba() function for my web site header to give it a transparent effect.
But the function is not supported for IE older versions.
can any one tell me/provide me links how to override the function for IE ???

color: #xxx;
color: rgba();

Does not work?

logic_earth: actually i want the code to work like this:
if the rgba() function is not supported then it should display a bland color in place of the transparent effect…

                  by the way, i tried the code u said, it doesn't work out..
                    thanks for your reply..

Well, don’t actually use “#xxx” or empty parentheses.

Actual code i am using is:

background-color: rgba(34, 33, 29, 0.9);
background-color: rgb(34, 33, 29);

Doesn’t that look a little bit backwards from what logic_earth said?

IE needs you to say background and not background-color. More info here.

Thanks every one for your replies!!