Browsers using boxshadow without rgba

Does anyone know offhand whether there are browsers that support boxshadow without supporting rgba?

I want to use Modernizr and was wondering if I have to create separate styles for the boxshadow with and without rgba. Or does on assume that if they support boxshadows they also support rgba.


I think you can assume that any browser supporting one will support the other. IE9 is the only IE version to support either, but the other modern browsers support both. How far back do you need to go?

Thanks. I don’t need to go back that far but I’m not sure that really matters in this case because with Modernizr, I will be creating styles on elements that use boxshadow (using rgba) and different ones for those not supporting boxshadow.

So if they don’t support boxshadow, I won’t use rgba in this case. There are separate checks for support of boxshadow and rgba. I think this probably leans more to the standalone use of rgba rather than using rgba in boxshadow. So I get the feeling it is probably pretty safe to assume that if they support boxshadow, they also support rgba.

Thanks again.

I don’t want to pretend to be your ultimate authority on it, but that’s what I would do.

I would venture a guess that you are far more of an authority than I. :slight_smile:

You can find support tables for box-shadow at the mozilla site. shows the support tables for rgba and [URL=“”]box-shadow so I think you can safely assume that those browsers will support the rgba in box shadow.

CSS3info has some good examples.

Great thanks, so proof that all browsers that support box-shadow do also support rgba.