Overridding Amazon Associates code

Hey. Was wondering if someone could help me, but I dont know fi this is possible.

Basically, I have a created a shop using amazon associates. The source code for this shop is kept on their server, hense I cannot be changing this. The only way I can change most things is by overwritting the css on their control panel.

Now heres my problem. If I look at the source for the webpage which i cant change, i have

 <div id="featuredProducts">
	  <table class="products" cellspacing="0">
		<tr><td colspan="3">Perfect gifts for a loved one on your anniversary</td></tr>

the thing I need changing is colspan=“3”

The css for class products is

table.products {
      font-family:'Georgia', serif;

Is there anyway I can set the number of columns within the css, whilst overridding what is set in the normal html?


Can you explain a little more what you are trying to achieve?

The colspan=3 attribute indicates to me that there are other rows in the table that have 3 table cells, maybe to show 3 products per row.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to change the number of products per row.

The colspan attribute doesn’t actually set the number of columns in a table. Even if you were able to set the number for colspan from =“3” to =“5” (which is not possible with css), you still wouldn’t get 5 columns in each row. What colspan=“5” would mean is that in that one row, span 5 columns together (which in a table that has 3 columns per row, does nothing else but span the 3 columns in that one row).

Thats exactly it, 3 products are shown on each row. However, using the css they provide, I have increased the pages width, and now 3 columns is to small for my new size. Really, I need to display 5 products in each row.

However, as I said, That html file where colspan is set is on their server, so I dont have access to modify this. The only thing I can modify is the css file, so was hoping i could make this change in here,

Do you think this could be possible?