Controlling td's content

Hi, I have question is this normal, i have table with 5 rows and 9 columns,in my first row,some td or cell is empty I have 4 content which is longer than to other td’s my table look’s so bad some td’s are expanding some are getting smaller…how can i fixed this ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

that you will have to hard code into your HTML using the “colspan” attribute.

<tr><td>single cell></td><td colspan="2">This cell is two cols wide</td><td>single cell></td></tr>

It really also makes sense.

BUT if you cant alter the HTML, AND your yells are a FIXED with you could potentially use adjacent sibling selectors so assign width:

td , td+td+td  { width:25%}
td+td{ width:50%}

as you can see it’s kinda clumsy. You could always add a class instead. BUT if you can do that then you might as well use my first suggestion of “colspan”

hope that helps

Hi, so this the fixed to put width in each td’s…I tried it and it looks okay now…

Thank you :slight_smile: