Outed from TLD

We’ve been outed for no apparent reason from existent TLD. Its due to, hold and behold, our domain name coliding with one of the larger telecom here in Poland.

Thing is: we have been having this domain name for 3 years and all was ok. Just because some CEO wanted our domain name…

We consider strong legal action against both registrar and this CEO

I assume the domain is under .pl TLD? As if, it will be under the jurisdiction of your country department that handle the domains.

The issue with local TLD’s compared to .com etc. is that there is a lot more rules regarding who have the rights for a domain. Basically this means, that if I own a Trademark, but you bought the domain before me, all I need to do is send in an application and they will give me the domain (assuming my papers hold up).

So with your case, did you own the trademark, etc. for the domain you lost?

or perhaps more to the point, why did you own a domain that ‘colided’ with a larger telecom?

@TheRedDevil Oh yes, its under *.pl TLD…
and yes, we own trademark and alike.

@m_hutley we own the domain and it did not (and is not) colided. This “collision” is just imaginery one used as a “proof-to-be” in front of registrar…

So if you own the trademark on the company name, and your company doesn’t have the same name as theirs, then yes, complain to your country’s TLD authority.

If, however, THEY have the trademark on the company name, and you’re just domain-parking under the guise of ‘We’ve registered the trademark as “abc.co.pl”, not “ABC” the big telecom’… then you’ll be told to get stuffed.

Not sure what complaining on a random internet forum is going to do for you.

What do you mean with “outed”?


Did the registrar transfer your domain to another company with no reason?

In this case, you just need to file a complaint through the registrar, and be prepared to bring in lawyers to prove that your claim is stronger than the other company’s claim.

On a side note, this is all about who has the best claim for the domain. This means that even if you run a company named X in Y field, and made a trademark for this company and field. A company that have operated under the name X in A field for 60 years in your country, could still have a stronger claim than you due to how trademark law work.

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We are well prepared for this. Let the show begin…:slight_smile:

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