My Website Legal Questions

Hey Guys, I have website that’s ranking well for its terms. There is another business that I used to work for lets call it “Green Razor Blades Co” they spend a lot of money in local advertising. Their website sucks its like 5 pages piece of trash with no SEO. But because of the local advertising they do get a lot of people google the name, I figured I want me a piece of that pie, which is also target traffic to my site. So I stick together a page from my own site and just randomly put the words “Green Razor Blades”.

So before I know it I’m ranking in the 3rd spot for the Company name. Today I get a call and they are asking me to remove the page or they will take legal action. The name of the company itself are just general words, I have no way implied that I trade under said name or anything like that

Just wondered where I stand, Can they do anything?

Removing it was a good idea. It sounds like it was in a gray area, though more facts might have made it more black and white. Either way, it probably wasn’t worth the fight.

I’ve just changed the page so there is no mention of the name, just in case :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply.

Is the name in question a trademark? Because if it is they may have viable grounds to contest your usage without their consent. As for the issue in question, you having worked for them in the past could be deemed a conflict of interests and it could be misconstrued that you’re deliberately trying to infringe on their brand and thereby damage their business (which could be a whole lot of extra baggage for you). It’s clear from your message you’ve deliberately done it to detract from their organisations ranking so yes I think there is a chance it could ultimately be actionable (though IANAL and I don’t have all the details at hand). :slight_smile: