Organising fonts in photoshop

I’ve got a bursting library of fonts, but I have say 30 favourites which I typically use on web designs, is it possible to load just those 30 fonts in photoshop, or have an easily accessible folder in PS with just those fonts, like a font palette to choose from? thanks


There is not such settings regarding fonts in photoshop.

The thing you can do is define the font you want in tool preset.

Below are steps to define a tool preset.

  1. Select the font you want.
  2. Open “windows>>Tool preset”
  3. With the font and type tool selected click on the new tool preset icon at the bottom of the tool preset window.

By this way you can easily create library of your favorite fonts.

Hope this helps,

Have a look at Extensis suitcase for managing your fonts, you can easily categorise fonts and turn on and off as needed. If you install too many fonts into Windows as I have found out in the past it can make your system unstable.

I would check out the following article, it showcases a variety of the best font managers out there…

Though I must agree that Extensis Suitcase Fusion and Fontcase look good :slight_smile:

Its crazy Photoshop doesn’t have such a simple tool yet. I often think about this problem, maybe you should email Adobe and they will address it in an update?

Extensis sucks. they lock your fonts away and there are a ton of people i know who have had it crash. i use Linotype FontExplorer X and it manages 6000+ of my fonts. they let you turn on and off whicever fonts you want… so in your case, you can leave all of them inactive except for the ones you use most. then photoshop will only load those.

adobe actually used to have a font manager:

since adobe products like PS and AI really only load fonts that your font management system keeps active, all you have to do really is use your font manager, turn off all the fonts you dont need, and PS and AI will only show whats active.

im using suitcase and found it good till now, does the job

I recently purchased a product called MainType by High-Logic software and it’s working exceptionally well for me, it seemed to have a lot more detail on typography than suitcase fusion offered, and it’s a heck of a lot cheaper too: :slight_smile:

Besides, most designers I know would use only a dozen or so families for most of their work. Over 20 year’s experience and I only use 2 or 3 families every day at the mo. Corporate style guidelines, you see. The quantity of faces available to you is not a measure of your design ability or experience.

You can have all the fonts in the world, but if you letterspace lower-case letters, stealing sheep is sure to follow, to paraphrase Robert Goudy.


While that is true, having access to a wide variety of typefaces can assist you when producing a unique design. Typography is as important as image usage within website design, especially now that we are getting the ability to embed fonts within websites to push away from the websafe selection. Using the right typeface for the right job can give you much more flexibility in the “final result” of the design. :slight_smile: