Typography and Adobe programs

Hi everyone,

I heard that contrary to what I do, professional designers usually have only a relatively small selection of fonts installed in their OS.

  1. If it’s true, are there programs to enable/disable groups of fonts according to the current needs of the designer ?

  2. Where can I find such relatively small selection of fonts shared by some designer ?

Thanks for the information (and sorry for responding so lately!)

@1) There are some font managers that allow you to install fonts until the next system reboot - this way you don’t overload your computer with fonts from your past projects.

I use a product for windows called MainType which does the job very well.

There’s other tools like Suitcase Fusion, Fontcase, TheFontThing and plenty of others, the below is a bit old but it’s very good.

I ran Suitcase for years till it got too buggy, now FontExplorer. They’re pretty much the only two you’ll find in pro studios.

FontExplorer is my font management tool of choice … I’ve used it for years and have never had any stability issues … (http://www.fontexplorerx.com/)