Optimizing Webfonts (google font)

So I’m in the last stages of completing a site perf audit and I keep being told by both Speed Insights & Yslow that I can compress a Google Web Font.


I know I might be able to squeeze the essentials out of the font, like not using the entire character set - but decided not to list the actual letters I need (seeing that I’m using some FRA characters as well), but I still don’t believe I’d be able to compress the Google font. Or am I the one who’s out to a savoury lunch?? Telling me I could get an additional 18% savings - I’d be saving some tax!

Either way, I know it’s an http request - and i’m totally ready to live with it - but the compression escapes me…

Thx for all replies.

Here’s an article on subsetting your Google fonts: http://www.sitepoint.com/joy-of-subsets-web-fonts/

I’d say it’s not worth it for general text. I’d only do it if I needed only a small number of specific characters from the font.

Thx for that. I guess I didn’t have the correct term nailed, but I did have subsetting in mind when posting this. I wonder if this is what they mean by compressing?

Good link for all not familiar with it. I believe that the entire Arial Unicode MS Regular character set comes in around 22MB. So using just the ones (and languages) you need is a nice way to lighten the load.

I would say so. Presumably Google assets are as compressed as possible already. So the issue would be downloading more of those assets than you actually need—I would think, anyway.

I’ll prob give it a shot and see. Will report back.