Optimising an ASP website

Does anyone have any advice on optimising a databse driven website? What is the best advice when dealing with a large ASP driven website, about 55 pages with product availability information. The content cannot be altered, though I’ve managed to optimise title and meta description tags. I’ve done basic submissions but I’m finding it hard to get back links due to the industry. Is there anything else I can do to help a sites ranking that is heavily embedded in ASP code???

Thanks in advance :confused:

It doesn’t matter what back-end technology you use, the process for optimising and SEOing a website is pretty much the same. You need to have well written content, appropriate semantic markup, relevant descriptions and titles on the page, images and links (where needed), a clear and consistent structure and navigation, and good quality inbound links from reputable sites.

Search engines don’t care how you build the site. They won’t see any of the ASP code. All they get is the generated source - that’s what you need to focus on.

Use search engine friendly urls for you dynamic pages. Use customize title, keywords, meta data for each product and you will be fine.

It can be done but if your are using free resources for SEO then you can’t target 55 pages even for 1 keyword each. you can perform the on-page optimization on each page but difficult to perform off-page for each page keywords with free resources…