Openx help with invocation tags

Openx are not helping anyone anymore from there forums so I was hoping that someone here would be able to help.

I am trying to create a new invocation type - for example, available there is iframe, javascript, XML-RPC, local mode. Well I want to create my own type because I have hooked up my own system that uses the API but I need some custom invocation code so I can reference some other external files.

i tried coping a current invocation type file in /plugins/invocationTags folder. But I appears I need to somehow register my new type with the system somehow as it didnt show up in the drop down menu.

has anyone got any idea how to do this? really are the best place to get help with all things relating to openx.

If they can not come up with any help for you, such as in this thread on their forum, other places are much less likely to have any kind of solution for you.

Well unfortunately, the OpenX open source project appears to have finished in favour of the commercial OpenX platform.

I obviously realize what you are saying, however, sometimes you find people who have managed to do things while the project was alive!

It’s sad that projects like that have to come to an end.
I wish you all the best though on finding a community that can provide on-going support for it.