Astral App - tag and organize your starred Github repos

Thought I’d mention this here - Astral is an application you can use to tag and organize your starred Github repos. You make custom tags, akin to labels in Gmail, and then attach them to repos.

While not necessarily strictly PHP related, I use it for a lot of my PHP work, having tagged a set of repos as “front end resources”, others as “prototype friendly”, and so on.

Check the app out here and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear about your tags.

Some others of mine:

  • front end resources (images, icons, fonts, styles)
  • prototype friendly (stuff that helps me get an example app up and running fast)
  • oauth related (everything for oauth connections etc)
  • research and write about (I use this as a sort of “todo” list for stuff I need to look into)
  • free data (this lists resources offering free datasets ranging from word lists to census info and more)
    and more.

What have you got?

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However, it is is a PHP app if that makes you feel any better! Built with Laravel and AngularJS.

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Haha, now that is an awesome coincidence :smile:
Hey if you’d like to publish a “how it was done” post or two, let me know. We could always use more real world examples.
Btw, will Astral itself ever be open source? I’d love to contribute with features like tag sharing, tag descriptions and maybe even personalized repo notes.

I go back and forth between this a lot. I’d like to make it open source but honestly I’m not overly proud of the codebase right now. There’s a lot of big heavy Angular controllers, and no tests at all. I dunno if people care about that? It’s certainly not out of the question, as it’s pretty tough to run this thing by myself.

Hmm, to be honest I’d probably just fork it and get rid of Angular, then rebuild the PHP part on Phalcon, so you’d best keep it away from me :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously though, I could see myself making a contribution or two if you fix the code parts you’re not happy with. I don’t care about client side tests, if that’s what you mean by tests. Server side would be nice, but isn’t essential either.

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