Open All Links Within Div in New Window

I’ve created a website with Joomla - and I am using a module to display the upcoming events. The parameters of the module allow me to set if links target blank window, which i have it set to. This only applies to the title though, and when you click on the image it will open in the same window. How can I make it so that the link will open in a new window when the image is clicked? I’ve tried every tip I could find, trying to implement code that will open all links withing that div (box_clone or container_skitter) but had no such luck. Any suggestions?

This is better suited for javascript, not PHP.

If you use jQuery, you can do something like

$('.container_skitter a').click(function(e) {

Thanks. I tried putting this in the index.php file in the body element with no luck. Where would the correct place be to put this?