How to open a button into a new window?

This is my site

I want to open the “LISTEN LIVE” button on my slider to open in a new window. Unfortunately, I am unable to do so.

This is code I am using.

<a href='' class='fmlive' onclick()='fmlive' target="_blank"><img src=""></a>


does it not work at all or does it open a new tab?

the code is not working. the link opens in same window.

I want it to open in a new window.

What is your


intended to do?

its a onclick function.

I got that much but what is fmlive?

thats the name of my function.

Which JS file is that in?

Okay, so I think the syntax should be

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thanks. almost there. On clicking the button, a new window open but with no link. I mean a blank window is opening.

I think I am not passing the link properly in the code.

I got it mates. Thanks everyone.

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