Online Web Content Writer Resources

This thread is for a list of online resources that you have found valuable in helping you to write good web content. My list is below. Feel free to add your resources to this stickied thread.

Note: This thread is not for links to freelance-writer work sites. Resources only please!

Citation Styles
Copyscape: the leading provider of services that protect your content against online plagiarism and theft. The one-stop-shop for all your text licensing needs
Good A web-site that discusses how to create good business documents in the linked, on-screen environment of Intranets and the Internet
Phrase Finder: Phrase Thesaurus – Ideas Generator for Writers
Poynter Online: Everything You Need to Be a Better Journalist
Readability Info
The Chicago Manual of Style Online
Usable Web: Guidelines for effectively writing online.
Web Style Guide

Great thread Linda :tup:

Web Design From Scratch-Copywriting - Tips on writing for the web. - Jakob Nielsen’s articles
CopyBlogger - Copywriting Blog

this is a brilliant idea - there is a site i’m working on to create a fantastic writing resource online w/ classes for basic outlines, grammar in specific niches as well as site promotion and seo tips for the more advance writer. I’ll be adding more as I go… but that’s going to be the gist of it. additionally it will offer work, and it will offer ways and resources for finding work outside the network… hope that i will be able to add it to this list soon.

Chief Marketer has a very easy, right to the point article about the “Write and Wrong of Online Article” writing. It’s the basics that everyone should know.

If organizing your research is driving you crazy, try this!

Zotero [zoh-TAIR-oh] is a free, easy-to-use Firefox extension to help you collect, manage, and cite your research sources.


Thought this resource may be helpful for those that may need a little bit more info to supplement the original content on there websites.

Helpful information! :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing. May I include: (very helpful especially when you need to do rewrites) offers numerous “real-world” writing tips, covering rules, techniques and strategies. The tips are written in a clear, easy-to-understand way, spiced with a bit of humor. There’s no academic gibberish or fluff – just down-to-earth tips to help those who write in their work or personal lives do it effectively and without embarrassment.

those were a good compilation, keep them coming!

i use copyscape often, sometimes even the articles i wrote myself have a tendency to show up a copied from other sites. but the thing is, when i get a rewriting task, thats when copyscape is crucial.

COOL~~~ I need those. Got one in THANKS~~~ If you have more please share with us.

Some very useful links. Thanks.
The Plain English Campaign has some great tips on the 'Guides and Resources section of their site.

Another one is (Chapter 15 - Writing Web Content).

Thanks for sharing those links, writing powerful articles or web content is not easy (especially if you are not a writer :)) and having some extra resources that help you on that is always appreciated.

I think that choosing the right content makes the difference between success and failure on the internet.

I absolutely love, in particular their series on writing good headlines.

The link above leads directly to the headline posts, which are priceless and also free. After I read those posts I went back to ezinearticles and fixed the headlines of several of my existing articles and resubmitted them - and DOUBLED the page views AND the clickthrough rates. Without changing the actual article at all.

Learning how to write effective headlines is an absolutely vital skill in the internet marketing world.

If you’re a web publisher that researches your articles, you might be interested in high beam encyclopedia. They have a lot of material from fresh new sources. Some is free and some is not, but unlike other such resources, they have both a yearly and a monthly payment plan.

Let me also put in the two cents’ worth. These are free plagiarism checkers: Needs registration but is free and more accurate to my mind.

Freelance web writer Sharon Hurley Hall has a website that’s a real treasure for freelance web writers and serious bloggers in general -

I use copyscape for all the new pages I create for any site, to be sure that is no similar text on the net (according to of course)…I do this only once the SEO work is finished…other thing that I always do is to validate the page on

I use gistweb to create short summaries on various topics:

It is free and works well for common keywords. For more specialized topics I use wikipedia or google.