Online Software for downloadable PDF for mobile devices

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I’m not quite sure I’m in the correct Forum, however, I’m seeking an online software creator where I can create a ‘flipbook’ that includes a PDF download function offering quality viewing for mobile devices.

We currently use Snacktools <snip/> but we are experiencing problems with the software Snacktools use.

We can’t seem to access the download function from the top of the full screen booklet, as it only seems to appear on a Desktop computer, and the text in the booklet is barely readable on a mobile device such as a tablet or iPad. However, it looks fine on a Desktop computer.

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Issuu is worth a look:

Not sure if it completely does what you want, but it’s a nice reading experience, and there are various options for saving and sharing on a mobile device.

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you can find mobile devices infomation on binarydb, this is database of all driver and hardwares, holp can help you.

That doesn’t seem to be answering the OP’s question, unless I’m missing something.

Thanks. I did originally investigate and at the time it seemed that they didn’t offer the download PDF function, but I wonder if that was due to us registering the FREE version. I’ll check it out.


Yes, I don’t see an option for that, although I guess you could add an extra link on your site for that.

Yes, I guess I could place a link to the PDF on our site although this does seem to be one of the main reasons why I’m wanting an online booklet so the user can download from the same place. Having a separate link to a PDF download from the online booklet seems to be fragmented to me. All in one place is the preferred option. But thanks for your efforts.

Most—if not all—browsers will open a PDF if you provide a link to it, and will let you download/save it as well. As long as you don’t need a fancy reading experience, that’s the way I’d go.

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you can find mobile devices infomation in this site I hope that It may help you :slight_smile:

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