Online Network Calculators

Are you familiar with online network calculators, such as IP Subnet Calculator, Wildcard Mask and CIDR calculator? It is easily used and totally free. The IP Subnet Calculator is used to calculate classful subnetting. The only thing the user has to do is to enter the IP address, Subnet Mask, Network class, Mask Bits and the result is shown within seconds. The Wildcard Mask calculator calculates First address and Last address. The CIDR calculator allocates IP addresses and routing Internet Protocol packets.

I can do all those calculations in my head; in fact I had to memorise how to do that to pass my CCNA coursework.

Yes, I am familiar with classless subnetting, i.e. CIDR and yes the tools are slightly faster than my head for larger networks. Though you don’t go into companies as a Networking Engineer and use a subnet calculator - you have to memorise it all.

May I ask why do you want to know? I simply don’t understand the purpose of this thread… it seems that you’re familiar with them too :slight_smile: