Online designer solutions?

Hi everyone, I would have preferred to start my first post in here by helping anyone with their doubts but I am completely inexperienced on this, I hope being able to help any of you in the future with this.

I am about to create an online shop for a small printing bussiness (web 2 print), and I am gettin’ crazy looking up for solutions in order to insert an online designer on my web. By this, customers will be able to design their own compositions and just after confirming their creations I’ll print it for them.

You can see quite clear some examples of what I’m talking about in these 3 sites (you’ll go directly to online designer directory):

As you can see, customers can alter every single item on design, upload images/material, change fonts and an enormous etcetera. These are all Pressero examples, but I am afraid this system, even when I feel that is one of the best online shop solutions, has a cost that I can not afford.


Could you recommend me of any solution for this? I mean not only complete W2P systems as Pressero, even online designer sold separately that I could insert onto my online shop.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile: