One Way Access

Is there a way to stop all triffic to a page (page x) so the only way to page x is through a link? I guess I would take page x address off the sitemap.



And also change its file name or url in case it was already indexed by a search engine or bookmarked anywhere.

I would be tempted to redirect page X to another page because it is difficult to get web crawlers to recognise all web pages.

I wrote that question no sure if search engines obey those noindex and nofollw rules or even robots.txt rules. Do they?

Reputable bots, such as Google and Bing, will follow robots directives, but other bots may not.

If the page has already been indexed, then it will take some time to disappear from search results, so as others have suggested, renaming the page would be sensible. The best way to prevent unauthorised access might be to password-protect the file.

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