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[FONT=Georgia]He blinks, man. He blinks.

Govind Tiwari’s Blog[/FONT]

Sad that he boasts about the popularity when it’s more likely to be an OMG effect.

Reminds me of my own early days discovering all the “cool” things that were possible to do.
Thank goodness I didn’t have what’s possible with today’s technology available back then :shifty:

I can see where it’s a good thing to know how to do something, but it’s more important to know when to do something.
That is, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Perhaps that link should have a “visually induced seizure” type of warning?

uggh… this reminds me of how bad things actually was in the 90’s

Ah yes the 90’s, blinking gifs, marquee, auto-play and auto-scroll. - what was I thinking :blush:

I think for me it was I wanted to get away from the monochrome BASIC 127K-is-a-lot tech and have things more like a television experience.
(I want the future now!)

It was fun experimenting with “stoopid javascript tricks” etc. and it helped me learn a lot in terms of mark-up and coding, but I like to think I’ve become at least somewhat wiser since then.

Perhaps this thread could be most beneficial to others if we mentioned what it is we think should not be done? i.e. a type of site review

eg. Don’t “blink” as that can cause seizures for some

@Francky made an excellent photoshopped “squinch” - half a blink :slight_smile:

Thread here:

it’s kind of a funny page (unintentionally).
Reminds me of homer simpons’ website.

and still he offers his services for creation of website and blog… :slight_smile:

“I am here for making good friend and doing some practical for Photoshop with HTML.”

For Photoshop with HTML? What does that mean?

I’ve been looking at this site for at least 15 minutes now, and I still discover new visual tricks and effects. A true masterpiece. :smiley:

Anyway, one thing that’s a big no-no is the autoplay music. And even worse, no way to stop it! :eek2:

:eek: That’s truly impressive. I don’t think I managed 15 seconds.

Seriously, I don’t suffer from seizures (thankfully) but I do have some perceptual problems, and I couldn’t read the text at all with the background flashing like that. After struggling with it briefly, I started to feel sick and left. :injured:

It hipnotized me :lol:

And also played havoc with your ability to spell … :shifty:

I think the was a very clever pun in there. @guido2004; was affected in a ‘hip’ and ‘hypnotic’ manner. (hipnotized)

I think the was a very clever pun in there. @guido2004; was affected in a ‘hip’ and ‘hypnotic’ manner. (hipnotized)[/QUOTE]Ah - thank you. It obviously fried my brains so badly that I failed to spot that. :slight_smile:

Maybe you had a blinkin’ seizure! :shifty:


Absolutely… :cool:

Actually, it looked strange to me, but when I entered it in google it gave me the usual list of possible choices. Today they’re all with ‘hyp’ but I swear yesterday it showed me ‘hip’. Really! :shifty:[/ot]

Definately, we do have a Star here… or maybe a few thousands! A whole night sky!

5 secs and I was already having a headache.

The only positive that I can say that I least he did something to promote himself and get a job. Not that I would hire him though

Yeah, tell me about it - I still have a backup of all my websites during the 90’s haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t you put one or two up and share them with us? :smiley:

haha that will never happen - I have a hard time looking at them myself. But it always cheers me up looking at them :shifty: :stuck_out_tongue: