Onclick redirect new window

Hey all,

I wish to know please, the button must use an image I have which I
designed for the button. On click it needs to open a new tab/window and
go to a URL at the same time redirect the current window to a different

EXAMPLE: homebasedhero.com if you click the first button on the screen it opens a new URL window and then the one before it changes.

Hope that makes sense.

Thank you

I must say, I find that website a truly awful experience @andydbarley. I wouldn’t trust it further than I can throw it. Are you sure you want something like that for your site.


I would have to agree with @Gandalf. There is nothing that would induce me to click a button like that before I’ve seen any content on the site, and if I did click a link and it started hijacking my browser and opening unexpected URLs with no warning, I would close the tabs/windows at once and never return.

Perhaps the actual usage you have in mind is rather different to this site. If you could explain it in a bit more detail, we might be able to suggest a better method.


I did, and I did.

A modal that reads like a scam site would normally be enough to get me to instantly leave, but for the sake of this topic I tried it.

Asking for my email address? Errm, sorry, but no.
Then after closing that tab the originally opened page looks even more like a scam site making a desperate attempt to get a conversion. Again, sorry but no.

But as TechnoBear posted, if your intended use is similar and the poor excuse of a site was the best example you could find, please explain what you have in mind. I’m almost 100% certain there has got to be a better way.


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