On Our Radar This Week: Code Quality and Christmas Time

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Ho, Ho, Ho! and welcome to the Christmas edition of On Our Radar, a weekly round-up of news, trends and other cool stuff from the world of web development.

In the news this week, the fallout from the Sony hack continued. Although doubts are starting to emerge about North Korea’s involvement, the country has been hit by two giant DDoS attacks in the past couple of days that have caused widespread internet blackouts. At the center of the controversy is a film entitled “The Interview”, which Sony had originally intended to pull, before changing their minds and announcing that it will be released online after all.

While North Korea struggled to stay online, South Korea was causing headlines of its own with prosecutors in Seoul issuing an indictment against Uber CEO Travis Kalanick for running an illegal taxi service. This technically makes him an international fugitive and could see him slapped with an $18,000 fine, or face two years in jail.

Elsewhere, a new contender emerged for the city with the fastest internet speed in the world. Move over Zurich, Tokyo, and New York City – here comes Minneapolis. Yup, you heard that right!

Text Editors

Choice of text editor is something that people (especially programmers) tend to get rather passionate about – they are an integral part of your workflow and can be tweaked almost endlessly to boost productivity.

That’s why I was very interested to read a recent article by SitePoint author Abder-Rahman Ali. He spoke to 100 Rubyists (including Matz and DHH) and asked them which editor they prefer. His findings make for some interesting reading.

After reading that survey it seems like all the cool kids are using Vim. Wanna be cool, too? Well, here’s a Vim tutorial for beginners to get you on your way.

Vim not your thing? Then check out this article describing one designer’s Sublime Text setup. Sublime text bills itself as the text editor you’ll fall in love with and, I must admit, is my current editor of choice.

Here’s a screencast on setting up a dev environment in Sublime Text 3 which covers many of its great features, such as package control and code completion.

Earlier this year Github introduced a text editor to beat all text editors. Atom (as it is called) originally ran in the browser, but the team behind it have been working hard, last month releasing official packages for Linux and this month an installer for Windows.

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