Offering Discounts on Affiliate Products

Hi There,

My question is relating to Affiliate Marketing. I notice that many sites are offering bonuses to potential customers to buy a product from them instead of someone else.

My question then is could you offer a discount on a product instead of extra bonuses to make people buy.

As an example if the commission rate that an affiliate gets on a $100 product is 50% or $50 then could an affiliate promote on his website that if someone buys through his link he will give $20 back after proof of purchase is given.

If this is possible do product owners mind that you are promoting there product for a cheeper price? (we’ll really they pay the full price and you give them $20 back after proof is supplied.)

Also can you see any problems that may occur using this strategy?


Some advertisers let you do this and others don’t. It’s called incentivising.
Some sites have become pretty successful for doing just tat - eg. QuidCo