First Amazon Affiliate Sale - Had to Start Somewhere!

I made my first two Amazon affiliate sales yesterday and a third one today. I’m pretty excited about it.

Quick question: This sale item today was not one of my link-through items, but an item from a completely different category. If someone clicks through to Amazon but then wanders elsewhere on the site and buys something else I assume the click thru affiliate account still gets some credit?

I think you still get some credits if user that came from your Amazon link buys some other product. As far as I remember if he orders anything from amazon in 24hours from clicking your link you would be credited.

Mostly I sell other products than those which I promote on my website so I gues people just go around Amazon and buy other stuff that interests them and I am credited for it :slight_smile:

Yes, as long as the cookie with your referral information last. I think it’s up to 24 hours. Congrats on your first sale, keep up good work!