Not bale to open popup div

How To Do a CSS PopUp Without Opening a New Window

i am using the code fom above for popup div
but getting error

object required in IE

& poupdiv is null in FF

Show us what you’re doing then, because the demo code from that site works without a problem.

ya demo code works properly

i have just copied & pasted whtever is given in the site

i have copied the script in csspopup.js file

<div id=“blanket” style=“display:none;”></div>
<div id=“popUpDiv” style=“display: none;”>
<a href=“#” onclick=“popup(‘popUpDiv’)”>Close</a>

You still haven’t provided enough info for us to help you.

Do you have a link to a test page that demonstrates the problem?

thanks i got it

its the case sensitive issue , a typing mistake

thnaks it was a typing error
its solved