Non-breaking space in CSS

Is it possible to use something like a non-breaking space in CSS? I realise   is an HTML entity.

I have the following CSS but want an extra space either side of the bar symbol.

.menu li:nth-child(n+2)::before {
  content: '| ';

Hi there gandalf458,

have you not considered using a modicum of padding. :pensive:

.menu li:nth-child(n+2)::before { content:'|'; padding:0 10px; }



Yes, I would use padding, but you can do what you are asking. E.g.

content: '|\00a0\00a0';

Strange to admit I hadn’t thought of putting padding round it. I am a numbskull :wink: It works fine. Der!

Thanks @coothead and @ralphm

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Sorry, but what has this got to do with my question? As you can see I already have an answer, and this is the HTML/CSS forum not the Javascript forum!

If you switch threads after starting to write a reply then the reply can end up being attached to the wrong thread.

Oops! So someone’s missing their reply then…

No, I don’t think so. This member seems to be copying replies from other sites and pasting them here without understanding the question. I have deleted their post, as we do not allow plagiarism (or encourage useless posting like this).


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