How can I make extra spaces in HTML

What is the HTML forced space tag (like [br]?)used to make extra space between words?

I’d like to use it for many reasons, including style :o …



Hope this is what you meant.


Hi Ricky,

You should rarely need it :slight_smile: It’s bad practice to use non-breaking space to force spaces in your layout.

If you use css properly you can set all the margins and spacing in your stylesheet and save on unneccesary mark-up (which all adds up in the end). :slight_smile:


use the css word-spacing property

example: p { word-spacing: .7em }


I don’t think he wants more space between all his words, just on some places.

I use the no break space to create space between images to great effect, where left, center, and right do not work.

This is something that has always annyed me, as I have been taught to follow a full stop in a paragraph with 2 spaces before starting a new sentence!!

see How Many Spaces After a Period?

For space between lines you can use:

p {line-height: 1.4em;}

Hmmm, this has been one of those days that I actually learned a couple of useful things… :smiley:
As described in the excellent article, provided by R937, I’d say use double-spacing where prudent; don’t just slaveishly follows rules. A non-breaking space after the period, followed by a regular space seems the best way, since if the text just happens to wrap around exactly at the beginning of the next sentence, it won’t start with an indent caused be the nbsp.