No question's a silly question?

As you will gather from previous posts, I mereged my CSS sheets via an automated system.

I have come across this which looks as though it is trying to add two different amounts of padding to the class called workhouse1841 and to the class called vertical. It seems to be doing it twice to the class called totalpadding in one declaration and the same to totalpadding2 (Though it only seems to apply once>

.vertical .totalpadding,.workhouse1841 .totalpadding {

.vertical .totalpadding2,.workhouse1841 .totalpadding2 {

Am I correct?

Watch out for the commas, although you may be seeing the same classes occurring, those selectors are actually unique as they are pairing classes.
It can be easier to make sense of multiple selectors if you format them onto new lines.

.vertical .totalpadding,
.workhouse1841 .totalpadding {

.vertical .totalpadding2,
.workhouse1841 .totalpadding2 {


Maybe that’s the next task

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