Nivo Slider - a nice jquery slideshow

I’ve just recently come across Nivo Slider

It appears to provide a nice packaging on the whole javascript slider situation.

I’d like to hear from others about slideshows that are more effective or easier to get going than this one.

I wouldn’t include jQuery Cycle though due to the amount of development required to achieve half of the features commonly expected from a slideshow.

Does anyone have any experience placing two Nivo Sliders on a single page? I have followed various notes via their Forum but things are not working as expected. I understand I need to create #slider1 and #slider2 but the .css has me a bit confused. Do I need to create full sets of CSS for each #slider AND also place two JS Styles in the header of my page. You can see what I am attempting here: (this is the jQuery/Nivo Slider version of the current Home page at

Any help, links, direction etc. will be greatly appreciated.


Art :cool:

Hmmm. Almost sorted I should have put.

It all works great in Firefox, but I lose the drop shadow in IE8, it doesn’t slide in IE7 and the screen is blank on IE6!

In the CSS I added display:none to stop the images flashing on start up, but the slider disappears in IE7 altogether.

Here is the site: my site

Hope someone can help.


Great slider!

I have it all working, but am not sure where and how I place the CSS to stop the images flashing on loading. It says in the instructions to manually apply it.

Could anyone give an idea or example?


No worries, all sorted now:)

good one but i think it load little slow plus i would loved it if we could get auto sliding of images

Ah! DT posted this on Facebook. It is really a very nice slider. I bookmarked it! Good find!

And the boundaries between what can be done by flash and by javascript are further blurred. That is very cool, especially the transition with the blocks.

Yeah and as I said there I really liked it! It is cool to use, and quite easy to integrate and customize… We are already planing to use for two projects we are on now :slight_smile:

Looks cool. Has some great options in there.

Thanks for the link. :slight_smile:

Javascript effects are really becoming pretty impressive lately. Man, that looks great.

The demo looks terrific in Opera 10.51. I’ve spent a lot of time trying out various jQuery sliders, and most of them have some serious caveats that prevent me from considering them. I’ll give this one a whirl. Interestingly, the site doesn’t claim that it works in IE6, but it works as well in that verdamnt browser as most other jQ sliders, even if it is a bit rocky.

Very cool - great find! I’m just rolling out a project where we have a large image slider on front and center on the home page. Time to see if I can get the client interested in some of these cool transitions!

I’m currently redeveloping big sections of my personal website. I’m after a photography category, and was planning on having a big CU3ER at the top, but this has totally converted me!

I can’t believe how less than 5 years ago, plenty of (but certainly not all) web developers wouldn’t touch Javascript at all, yet now, it’s near essential for any project at all!

Weird… it doesn’t seem to work for me in FF3.6.2. Works great in Chrome, but in FF all I see is a sliver of the first image and it never changes.

Working fine for me in FF3.6.2. Maybe an extension of yours is interfering?

Yeah, I saw this the other day and i’m very impressed.
I’d be curious to use this on an upcoming project.

this script would be a great help in displaying images to your page. transition of images was so cool. . thanks for the link.

Weird, works great for me today. I wonder if I accidentally had JavaScript disabled? If I disable JS (using the web dev toolbar), I see the sliver of the image again.

This is sick! on top of that it’s extension to jQuery…pure awesomeness!